Through this form a comma-separated value (*.csv) file of the information in the database can be exported.

If you submit a list of taxa, the system will retrieve information for these taxa only (keep in mind that no information for taxa higher than family level is present in the database). If you leave the taxon field empty, information for all taxa will be returned (this may take some time).

If you select traits in the right box below, only information for these traits for the specified taxa (or all taxa) will be returned.
When specifying taxa, the system will ask you whether you would also like to return information for synonyms of the taxa you submitted, and whether for higher ranks (genus, family) you also want to return information on their children.

Enter all taxa (without authority) for which you would like to download data (one taxon per line):

Traits (by default, all traits will be exported). Hold the CTRL key down to select multiple traits:


Export data for exact matches of the submitted species only
Download also data for synonyms of the submitted species.

Higher ranks

Include only information for the specified taxon
Include information for all child taxa of each submitted taxon

Choose format *

default CSV file (check description of this option)
CSV file in Darwin Core format (check description of this option)
* Although called comma-separated file, the fields in the downloaded files are actually separated with tabulators.